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How I Chose to Remain Active and Ready During the Trump Administration, and How You Can Too

On the night of the election, it became clear that nothing would ever be the same again. Throughout most of that fateful day, I was blissfully ignorant that the dreadful possibility of a Trump victory could ever become a reality. I was an ardent Hillary supporter during her candidacy, and even campaigned for her shortly prior to the election. As the election unfolded on the night of November 8th, my heart sank deeper and deeper as I watched each state turned red. I was called by many of my friends and and family members, all of whom were in complete disarray. The entire country had no idea what direction it was headed towards.

The inauguration of Donald Trump was a dark moment in history. But the ugliness and tragic nature was ameliorated by the Women’s March, a protest that I was fortunate enough to participate in. The Women’s March was a worldwide protest not meant to just protest the incoming Trump presidency, but to advocate liberal and progressive policies and values. Though the Women’s March was galvanized by Trump’s victory in the 2016 Presidential election, it grew into something much larger. The Women’s March drew people from all races, genders, ages, and nationalities all across the world, and brought them all together. In our contemporary public discourse, which is built upon divisiveness and harmful rhetoric, events like the Women’s March are needed more than ever.

The value of protesting has never diminished since the Vietnam era. But it is even now more important than ever. The unconstitutional and unethical actions that the Trump Administration has taken has made social and political mobilization imperative. This is why theFLASHapp is so important. Though theFLASHapp was originally intended to serve as a way to plan real-time events and hangouts via GPS map, the app’s vision was vastly expanded following the results of the election. As a FLASH user can create spontaneous public events on the GPS based map, theFLASHapp has become the first resistance app. theFLASHapp allows users to gather together for a protest, rally, or meet-up, whenever or wherever they may be. In the next few months leading up to 2018, having a solidified resistance is going to be more important than ever. theFLASHapp’s tagline is social and political mobilization for all, and we believe by giving people a tool to easily gather and use their voices, real change can be accomplished.